Endless Kingdom


By registering, you accept the following rules:

§1 One internet connection – one kingdom

  • Only one kingdom is allowed per internet connection.
  • One person may not own multiple accounts. It's prohibited.
  • You may control only one kingdom from an internet connection. Logging in to multiple kingdoms from the same IP address illegal. The 'multi kingdoms' will be deleted. Be aware this, if you move to a new place (eg. student hostel).
  • You may not circumvent this rule by using proxies.
  • Multiple people may control the same kingdom.

§2 Netiquette

  • Harassment, insult, offensive tone is not allowed.
  • Every profile, name or written expression that harass, insult or threaten others is prohibited.
  • Sexual content, political expression, extremist political content, religious fanaticism, racism or any objectionable behavior is not allowed within the game.
  • Tricking or sqeezing out passwords from other players are strictly prohibited.
  • Sending spam or advertisement messages are prohibited.

§3 Privacy protection

  • It's not allowed to steal others' passwords by making similar looking websites or any form that asks for the player's passwords. Any account that is proven to be participated in such action will be deleted.
  • Note: The admins don't need your password, they can enter your account any time without knowing your password. Anyone asking for your password just wants to take over your access to your account!
  • The password's owner is the account's owner. (So you can not refer to the fact that your password is stolen when your account are banned.)

§4 Changing the rules

  • Admins may change the rules any time. They should notify the players when this happen.

King information

This information is required:

Password again:

You can provide this information if you want:

Spoken languages:

Kingdom information

This information is required:

Kingdom's name:
Name of the starting hero:

You can provide this information if you want:

Your hero's avatar:
Crest of the kingdom:

  • After registration you can not change your name and your kingdom's name.
  • The images you uploaded will be scaled to 200×200. Only jpg, png and bmp file types are accepted.
  • You will get an activation code on the mail address you provide. You will need it activate your user account.
  • You may only change your e-mail address if you have access to both old and the new e-mail address.